GSM Number Database

The GSM phone numbers are not like the random numbers generated with GSM phone numbers generator and gsm phone numbers extractor, our numbers are gathered manually and it has the following details


  1. First and last Name
  2. Gender,
  3. LGA,
  4. State
  5. Phone number


Take a peek at the table below for more details

*Get any state of your choice for free if you buy Minimum of 50,000 units

**Get the whole Federation for FREE if you buy 500,000 units

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Mobile Marketing Data


In additional to our state-wide GSM database, we also offer “Premium GSM numbers database”.


By Premium here we mean the database  of specific people in various professions,industries,trade etc. This is ideal for clients with a specific target range. Below is the current available database…more will be added soon, so please keep checking this page.



Youth database GSM(14-40yrs) #15,000 Top Abuja Civil servants- #15,000  Top e-commerce buyers GSM database-#40,000
Underdergraduates GSM #20,000 Jamb writers- #20,000  Polling units GSM databse-150k Nigerian emails #20,,000  Business emails  - #50,000  
nationwide by  Name/Sex/Location GSM #50,000  private members emails-#30,000  
2015 corpers GSM #30,000  Prominent people GSM- #20,000  
250thousand bb/ipad users GSM
#20,000  Nationwide GSM accredited voters  by state only- #20k/50k  
880,000  Nigerian emails #20,000  politicians/CEOs GSM- #20,000
Business directory
#20,000  Teachers,Surveyors,Architect,Professor,traders GSM databas #20,000



 working class/island residents GSM-30k

 business men and women- #10,000  telecoms staff/DSTV subscribers/real estate agents  /Business in Nig- #50,000



 working class emails-20k

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