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At Fulltraffic SMS, we promise and deliver unrivaled value: efficient communication.

How ever we implore you to kindly go through our blacklist to ensure that all your messages get delivered appropriately. 


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 Avoid the use of such word so that your messages can be delivered effectively.
c0ngratulati0ns pr0m0 w0n call,congratulations promo won call,pr0m0
w0n call,prom0 w0n call,pr0mo w0n call,promo won call,hurray w0n
call,hurray won call,won prize call,w0n prize call,pr0m0 prize
call,prom0 prize call,pr0mo prize
wow,w0w',contest, SEX
Also for sender ID: , All sender ID must NOT start with numbers
(numerials) e.g 2wice , 5stars, 3plegate,4square,1love
using any governor names as sender ID is not allowed .That is past and



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